Tryby Energy, Minerals & Environmental Corporation

Providing Energy and Environmental Solutions


Below is a list of the services we provide:

Energy Services

Energy Analysis and Assessment
Energy Conservation and Audit
Energy Policy, Issues and Options
Fuel and Energy Process Plant Performance
Fuel and Energy Forecast
Fuel Cell and Advanced Energy Systems
Power Plant Performance
Bioenergy Value-added Products from Waste
Combustion and Thermal Behavior of Fuel

Environmental Services

Solid Waste Management
Phases 1 & II Site Assessments
Combustion-generated Air Pollution Control
Remedial Design Engineering
Soil and Groundwater Remediation
Soil & Water Sampling Analyses
Underground Storage Tanks
Toxic Release Inventory
Pollution Prevention Plan
Lead-based Paint Assessment

Mineral Services

Solid-Liquid Separation Processes
Column and Froth Flotaion
Aqueous Chemical Leaching
Coal Preparation
Process Water Treatment
Mine waste Minimization and Utilization

IT and Other Professional Services

Database Management
Technical Reports Preparation and Proposal Review
Analysis of Complex Data Using Multivariate Analytical Methods (PCA, Cluster Analysis)
Process Simulation
Economic Analysis
Organization and Planning of Technical Meetings
Offer Technical Training and Short Courses in Mineral, Energy, and Environmental Engineering
Program Support



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